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  • Proprietary Algorithms 

    Strong and efficient technology is both our backbone and our competitive advantage. We are leading the way with our dynamic response marketing automation AI (DRMA). We also developed the first total performance measuring algorithm system to score a websites total "horse power."  

  • User Acquisition

    AlphaTec's Primary objective is to acquire engaged users for our clients. We pride ourselves in offering affordable performance based customer acquisition.

  • Digital Product Engineering

    We produce and engineer valuable digital education and software tools for businesses and entrepreneurs around around the world.

  • Training Programs

    Whether you are an employer looking for an innovative training program or a small business owner looking to learn online marketing , we can help you. Leverage our lead generation education platform and use it to take your company's traditional training process to the next level.

  • Lead Generation Technology

    We don't just post pretty pictures on social media. Our arsenal of tools and tactics guarantee results. We generate leads for your business. With our performance model, you don't pay us a dime until your prospects are calling, showing up at your doorstep, or ordering your products.

  • Software Innovation 

    AlphaTec is comprised of talented leaders with a variety of unique backgrounds. Our software engineering team is a group of experts in their fields who have decades of experience in all things automation, data analytics, and coding methods. High-level skill is a shared attribute with everyone at the company. The Dream Team is what makes Alpha so successful.






Here at AlphaTec, our objective is simple: To equip you; the innovative creator with elite technology to evolve your business.


Here at AlphaTec, we’re Industry Disrupters... We build entire BUSINESSES around serving clients and customers in areas which are traditionally under-served and ignored.


That doesn’t mean people aren’t profiting handsomely or we don’t go into huge markets. We just find the BEST ways to add MORE value to existing products. First, we started with Social Media Software. Why? Well, we knew that industry could be shaken up and providers were hardly serving people at all. We saw the potential in people running large influential social accounts...and we saw it could scale big. But there was a big issue. The companies running similar programs were fraudulent, and they couldn’t innovate quickly… they were clunky and extremely expensive to put into anyone’s business...let alone someone who was just starting out...

So, We Decided To Offer More Advanced Technology, And Benefits...

Fast forward to today: we’re currently serving over 2,934 customers and clients world wide with our technology, digital education, and customized tools.


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